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September shenanigans

Summer is drawing to a close. Weeks spent wandering the west coast of Sweden (more on that in another post), sketching trees and rocks and reading trashy novels are fading into memory. Now golden autumn unfurls before me. Time to get back into the studio and work on new projects.

I've got a few unfinished prints to complete, to create a series of Swiss landscapes and flower prints to match the work currently hanging in my studio. Inspired by my walks around the gorgeous Swiss countryside, in different seasons and weather conditions. Some more detailed, some simple and pared down. All multi-colour reduction linocuts. There might be a few drypoints in there as well, based on my rather rough-and-ready sketches.

I'll be posting the sketches and the prints they morph into as I go along...

September is also time to restart the teaching schedule. I simply love getting people acquainted with printmaking, a brilliant combination of art and craft. I still get that tingling feeling of suspense every time I lift the paper to see how a print has turned out. Printmaking is a mix of skill, patience and serendipity.

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